Teamcity Tutorial for Beginners

Teamcity is a Continuous Integration Tool in DevOps which is capable of:

  • Automated Build
  • Automated Testing
  • Automated Packaging
  • Automated Feedback

For example, we have a JAVA source code that needs to be build, compiled and packaged.

For Building the code we can use MAVEN or ANT. For compiling the code, we can use JDK.

Teamcity integrates with all these build tools to create projects that can be run to build and test the codes. It continuously integrates to avoid any miss. It verifies code changes and gives feedback to developer

Login to Teamcity using your credentials

Home page of your Teamcity will show you4 tabs:

  • Projects
  • Changes
  • Agents
  • Queues


This is where you define your projects for build.


It will list out the number of changes done to the project


Agents are the servers where your project builds will run


Active build runs will be listed under the Queue option

Creating a project in Team city

Check each of the config settings below and prepare Teamcity build job as per your requirements

  • General Setting
    • Build configuration steps [ build, deploy, test]
  • VCS Roots
  • Parameters
  • Build Schedule
  • Connections
  • SSH Keys
  • Trigger
  • MAVEN Settings