Jammu & Kashmir – Before and after Article 370

In 1954, Indian President had given special status to J&K state under Article 370. It gave J & K citizen rights for:

  • 2 different flags – J&K and India
  • Dual Citizenship – J&K and India
  • Article 356 – not applicable
  • Article 360 – Financial Emergency – Not Applicable
  • Indian citizen from other states can’t buy or sell properties in J&K
  • RTI – Not applicable
  • No reservation for minorities
  • Duration of Legislative Assembly for 6 years
  • J&K was a state with Special power
  • Centre role was limited to defence, external affairs, finance, communication

After 370 Special Status Removal of J&K

  • With the scrapping provisions of Article 370, J&K will not have any separate Constitution and abide by Indian Constitution
  • There would be no separate flag for the state and they have to use Indian Flag
  • Any Indian citizen will be able to buy and sell properties in J&K
  • Indian Citizens will be allowed to apply for government jobs, any kind of scholarships and aids, and other public welfare projects to state domicile
  • J&K will be a UT with legislative assembly and Ladakh will be a UT without any Legislature.
  • Center is now responsible for administrative and local regulations

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