Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructures -Quiz

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  1. Does a cloud computing service let you scale your resource use up and down? Ans: Yes
  2. To get resource from a cloud computing provider, is working with a person at the provider required? Ans: No
  3. Why might a GCP customer use resources in several zones within a region? Ans: For improved fault tolerance
  4. Why might a GCP customer use resources in several regions around the world? Ans: To bring their applications closer to users around the world , and for improved fault tolerance
  5. Choose fundamental characteristics of cloud computing. Ans: a)Resources are available from anywhere in the network. b) Customers can scale there resources up and down c) Computing resources available on demand and self service d)Customer pay only for what they use or reserve
  6. Choose a fundamental characteristic of devices in a virtualized data center. Ans: They are manageable separately from the underlying hardware
  7. What type of cloud computing services lets you bind your application code to libraries that give access to the infrastructure your application needs ? Ans: Platform as a Service
  8. What type of cloud computing service provides raw compute , storage, and network organized in ways that are familiar from physical data centers? Ans: Infrastructure as a Service
  9. Which statements are true about the zones within a region. Ans: The zones within a region have fast network connectivity among them
  10. What kind of customer benefits most from billing by the second for cloud resources such as virtual machines? Ans: Customers who create and run many virtual machines
  11. Choose the correct completion: Services and APIs are enabled on a perProject basis
  12. True or False: Google Manages every aspects of Google Cloud Platform customer’s security . Ans: False (Google Cloud Platform manages the lower layers of the security stack, such as physical security , and gives customer tools for managing the higher layers.)
  13. Your company has 2 GCP projects, and you want them to share policies. What is the less error-prone way to set this up? Ans: Place both projects into a folder, and define the policies on the folder.
  14. When would you choose to have organizational nodes? Ans: a) When you want to create folders{ b) When you want to apply organization wide policies centrally
  15. Order these IAM role types from broadest to fine-grained : Ans: Primitive Roles, Pre-defined roles, Custom roles

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