Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructures -Quiz

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76. You want to gradually decompose pre-existing monolithic application, not implemented in GCP, into microservices. Which GCP services should you choose? Ans: Apigee Edge

77. Why would a developer choose to store source in Cloud Source Repositories? a) To reduce work b) to keep code private to a GCP project.

78. What is the advantage of putting event driven components of your application in Cloud Function? Ans: Cloud Functions handles scaling these component seamlessly

79.Why might a GCP customer choose to use Cloud Storage repository? Ans: They don’t want to host their own git instance and they want to integrate with their IAM permissions

80. Why might a GCP customer choose to use Cloud Functions? Ans: Their application contains event-driven code that they don’t want to have to provision compute resource for

81. Why might a GCP customer choose to use Deployment Manager? Ans: Deployment Manager is an infrastructure management system for GCP resources

82. You want to define alerts on your GCP resources, such as when health check fails. Which is the best GCP product to use? Ans: Stack driver Monitoring

83. Which statements are true about Stack driver Logging? Choose all that are True? Ans: a) Stack logging lets you define metrics based on your logs, b) Stack driver logging lets you view logs from your applications, and filter and search them

84. Name 2 use cases of Google Cloud Dataproc. Ans. a) Migrate on-premises Hadoop jobs to the cloud b) Datamining and analysis in datasets of known size.

85. Name two use cases for Google Cloud Dataflow(select 2 answers) Ans: a) Orchestration b) Extract, Transform, Load(ETL)

86. Name 3 use cases for the Google Cloud Machine Learning Platform. Ans: a) Content Personalization, b) Fraud Detection, c) Sentiment Analysis

87. Which statements are true about BigQuery? Choose all that are true. Ans: a) BigQuery lets you run fast SQL queries against large databases, b) BigQuery is a good choice for data analytics warehousing.

88. Name 3 use cases for Cloud Pub/Sub (select 3 ans) . Ans: a) Analyzing steaming data, b) Internet of Things Applications, c) Decoupling Systems

89. What is TenserFlow? Ans: An open source software library that is useful for building machine learning applications

90. What does the Cloud Natural Language API will do? Ans: It analyzes text to reveal its structure and meaning.

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