Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructures -Quiz

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61. Identify 2 reasons for deploying applications using containers? Ans: a) Consistency across development, testing, production environments. b) Simpler to migrate workload

62. True or False: Kubernetes allows you to manage container cluster in multiple cloud providers. Ans: True

63. True or False: Google Cloud Platform provides a secure, high-speed container image storage service for use with Kubernetes Engine. Ans: True

64. In Kubernetes, what does “pod” refers to? Ans: A group of containers that work together

65. Does Google Cloud Platform offer its own tool for building containers. (other than the ordinary docker command)? Ans: No , all consumers use ordinary docker command

66. Where do your Kubernetes Engine workloads runs? Ans: In clusters built from Compute Engine VMs

67. True or False: App Engine is a better choice for a web application than for long running batch processing? Ans: True

68.True or False: App Engine just runs applications; it does not offer any services to the applications it runs. Ans: False

69. Which of these criteria would make you choose App Engine Flexible Environment, rather than Standard Environment , for your application ? Choose all that are correct? Ans: a)Wider ranges of choices for application choices. b) Ability to ssh in .

70.True or False: App Engine Flexible Environment applications lets their owners control the geographic region where they run. Ans: True

71.Which of these statements are true about App Engine? Choose all that are true? Ans: a) App Engine manages the hardware and networking infrastructure required to run your code. b) It is possible for an App Engine application’s daily billing to drop to zero.

72.Name 3 advantages of using the App Engine Flexible Environment over App Engine Standard. Choose all that are True. Ans: a)you can SSH into your application. b) Your application can write to local block c) You can install third party binaries

73.Name 3 advantages of using the App Engine Standard Environment over App Engine Flexible . Choose all that are true. Ans. a) Google provides and maintains run time binaries b) Billing can drop to zero if your application is idle. c) Scaling is finer grained.

74.You want to do business analytics and billing on a customer facing API. Which GCP service should you choose? Ans: Apigee Edge

75. You want to support developers who are building services in GCP thru API logging and monitoring. Which GCP services should you choose? Ans Cloud Endpoints .

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