Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructures -Quiz

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31. An application running in a Compute Engine virtual machine needs high-performance scratch space. Which types of storage meet this needs? Ans: Local SSD.

32. Choose an application that would be suitable in running a Preemptible VM? Ans: A batch job that can be checkpointed and restarted.

33. How do Compute Engine customers choose between big VMs and Many VMs? Ans: Use big VMs for in-memory databases and CPU-intensive analytics; use many VMs for fault tolerance and elasticity.

34. How do VPC routers and firewalls work? Ans: They are managed by Google as a built-in feature

35. A GCP customer wants to load-balance traffic among the backend VMs that form part of a multi-tier application. Which load balancing option should this customer choose? Ans: The regional internal load balancer.

36.For which of these interconnect options is a Service Level Agreement available? Ans: Dedicated interconnect

37. Your Cloud Storage objects live in buckets. Which of these characteristics do you define on a per bucket basis? Choose that are correct. A) A default storage class B) A globally unique name C) A geographic location

38. True or False: Cloud Storage is well suited to providing the root file system of a Linux virtual machine . Ans : False

39. Why would a customer consider the Coldline Storage Class? Ans: To save money on storing infrequently accessed data.

40. True or false: Each table in NoSQL database such as Cloud Bigtable has a single schema that is enforced by the database engine itself. Ans: False

41. Some developers think Cloud Bigtable as a persistent hash table. What does that mean? Ans: Each item in the database can be sparsely populated , and is looked up with a single key.

42.Which database service can scale to higher database sizes? Ans: Cloud Spanner

43.Which database service presents a MYSQL or PostgreSQL interface to clients? Ans: Cloud SQL

44.Which database services offers transactional consistency at global scale? Ans: Cloud Spanner

45. How Cloud Data Store and Cloud Bigtable alike? Choose all that are correct. Ans: a) They are both highly scalable b) They are both NoSQL databases

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