Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructures -Quiz

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16. Can IAM policies that are implemented higher in the resource hierarchy take away access that is granted by lower-level policies? Ans: No

17. True or False: In Google Cloud IAM: If a policy applied at the project level gives you owner permissions, your access to an individual resource in that project might be restricted to view permission if someone applies a more restrictive policies directly to that resource. Ans: False

18. True or False: All Google Cloud Platform Resources are associated with a project. Ans: True

19. Service Accounts are used to provide which of the following? Ans: a) A way to allow users to act with service account permissions b) A way to restrict the actions a resource ( such as a VM) can perform .c) Authentication between Google Cloud Platform services

20. How do GCP customers and Google Cloud Platform divide responsibility for security? Ans: Google take care of the lower parts of the stack, and customers are responsible for the higher parts.

21. Which of these values is globally unique, permanent and unchangeable, but chosen by the customer? Ans: The Project ID

22. Consider a single hierarchy of GCP resources. Which of these situations is possible? Ans: a) There is an organization node and there is at least one folder, b) there is no organization node and there are no folders c) There is an organization node and there are no folders.

23.What is the difference between IAM primitive roles and IAM predefined roles? Ans: Primitive roles affect all resources in a GCP project. Predefined roles apply to a particular service in a project

24. Which solution is true about billing for solutions deployed using Cloud Marketplace (formerly known as Cloud Launcher)? Ans: You pay only for the underlying GCP resources you use, with the possible addition of extra fees for commercially licensed software

25. True or False? In Google Cloud VPCs, subnets have regional scope . Ans : True

26. True or false: if you increase the size of a subnet in a custom VPC network, the IP addresses of virtual machines already on that subnet might be affected. Ans: False

27.True or False: You can create Compute Engine virtual machines from the command line. Ans True

28. What is the main reason customers choose Preemptible VMs? Ans: To reduce cost

29. True or False: Google Cloud Load Balancing allows you to balance HTTP-based traffic across multiple Compute Engine regions. Ans: True

30.Which statement is true about Google VPC networks and subnets? Ans: Networks are global, subnets are regional

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