GCP – Professional Cloud Architect

For Google Professional Cloud Architect Exam here are the list of topics for which you need to prepare:

  1. Cloud solution architecture designing and planning
  2. Cloud solution infrastructure management and provisioning.
  3. Security and compliance designing
  4. Technical and business process analysis and optimization
  5. Implementation Management
  6. Cloud Solution operations


a)Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructures -Quiz

b)Architecting with Google Compute Engine-Quiz

c)Architecting with Google Cloud: Design and Process-Quiz

d)Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine-Quiz

e)Create and manage Cloud Resource-Quiz

f)Perform Foundational Infrastructure Tasks in Google Cloud-Quiz

g)Setup and Configure a Cloud Environment in Google Cloud-Quiz

h)Automating Infrastructure on Google Cloud with Terraform-Quiz

i)Deploy and Manage Cloud Environments-Quiz

j)Preparing for the Professional Cloud Architect Certificate Exam-Quiz