Docker Run Commands

Docker run command starts a container by creating a writable container layer on top of the docker image.

$docker run [option]

Various options available for the docker run command:
– -cap-add : add Linux capabilities
– -cap-drop: drop Linux capabilities
– -cpu-count: CPU count
– -cpu-percent: CPU percent
– -cpu-period: Limit CPU CFS Period
– -cpu-quote: Limit CPU CFS Quota
– – cpus : number of CPUs
– -device: add a host device to the container
– -dns: set custom DNS Servers
– -dns-search: set custom DNS Search domains
–help : print usage
– -hostname : container host name
– -IP : container IP address
– -link – add a link to another container
– -memory : memory limit
– -network: connect a container to a network
– -pid : process id
– -rm: removes container automatically when it exist
– -sysctl : system control options
– -user : username

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