DevOps Concepts

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a concept which combines of IT Software Development and IT Operations to develop, test, deploy the codes in to production in a faster way using automated integration tests and deployments.

Pre DevOps Period

  • Development team , Testing team and Operations team dint have visibility of each others work.
  • Manual testing and code deployments was prone to human error due to missing of any steps or incorrect implementation.
  • Rework of code fix was resulting in loss of resource time and money for the project.
  • Integration test/System Test/UAT failures before production deployments was causing delay in delivery
  • Business demand to accommodate any new changes towards the last part of development cycle was difficult for IT to incorporate in the same production release.
  • There was a longer production application down time for new code deployment which was impacting 100% application up time matrix.

DevOps Now

  • One team of developer, tester, operations resources were entrusted with the end to end responsibilities of the production deployments.
  • There is better coordination, cross functional knowledge gain among all team members, faster bug identification, code fixes and deployment.
  • Continuous integration resulting in identification of code errors at early stage while merging to parent code and elimination of errors
  • Small cycles of sprints leading to faster deployment
  • Continuous delivery of software to DEV/QA/UAT/SIT/Performance Testing environment for parallel testing and identification of bugs if any to fix it quickly.
  • Focus is more on automating most of the testing and deployment process to avoid human errors and increase the frequency of testing and deployment.
  • Use of infrastructure monitoring tools to detect potential threats to application releases and take proactive corrective measures.