Amazon Great Indian Festival-2020 – Quizzes and Answers

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Currently a number of amazon quizzes are open in between 27th September 2020 to 20 Oct 2020 for interesting lucky draws. Play and get a multiple chance to win exciting prizes at Amazon App

All answers are given in “BOLD” Letters below.

Amazon Pay Later Quiz – Play & win Rs. 20,000

1- Which of these is true about Amazon Pay Later?

  • Instant Credit up to Rs. 20,000
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Flexibility to pay next month or in EMIs
  • All of the above

2-Which payment methods can be used for repayment of purchase made using Amazon Pay Later?

  • Bitcoins
  • Gold Coins
  • Money Order
  • Net banking/Debit Cards

3- Amazon Pay Later can be used to pay for which of the following?

  • Grocery Purchases
  • Recharges and Bill Payments
  • Mobile Phone purchases
  • All of the above

4-Which of the following is a step to register for Amazon Pay Later?

  • Enter your favorite color
  • Enter your pet’s name
  • Enter your PAN card number
  • All of the above

5- With Amazon Pay Later, you can buy multiple times through the month and pay the full amount at once next month. True or False?


Amazon Launchpad Quiz- Play and Win Rs. 10, 000

1- Amazon Launchpad is your go-to destination for differentiated products from ______ on

  • Startups
  • Commercial
  • Rural
  • Regional

2- Amazon Launchpad showcases thousands of products from leading Indian Startups

  • Yes
  • No

3- Which of these brands is known for advanced plant-based nutrition for immunity?

  • Samaveda
  • Rigveda
  • Cureveda
  • Yajurveda

4- When can you avail ‘offers like never before’ from Amazon Launchpad?

  • Great Indian Festival
  • Holi
  • Halloween
  • Christmas

5- Which store from Amazon Launchpad helps to view videos to understand products better?

  • Monsoon Store
  • Watch and shop
  • Protective supplies
  • None of the above

Amazon LG Monitor Quiz – for Amazon pay – Rs. 10, 000

1- Which of the following is LG’s Gaming monitor series?

  • Monitor
  • Screen
  • UltraGear
  • Gaming Monitor

2- Nano IPS is a new Technology for _______ in Monitors

  • Driving
  • Display Screens
  • Cricket
  • Football

3- IPS Panels come with 1ms Response Rate

  • True
  • False

4- Which of the following features describe gaming monitors?

  • High response time (1ms)
  • High Refresh rate (144 Hz- 240 Hz)
  • High Resolution (4k, QHD & Full HD)
  • All of the above

5- LG’s 4K Monitor 27GN950 comes with 1ms Response time and 144 Hz

  • True
  • False

Amazon Festival Riddles Quiz –Answer and win iPhone 11 Pro

1- Scratch My Head, See Me Turn From Black To Red. What Am I?

Ans: A Match Stick

2- I can Be Cracked, Made, Told And Played. What Am I?

Ans: A Joke

3- A Box of Diamonds That Most Love To Eat. What Am I?

Ans: Sugar

4- I have Hearts But No Other Organs. What Am I?

Ans: A Deck Of Cards

5- A Carpet Of Rice, Flour, Sand or Petals. What Am I?

Ans: Rangoli

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