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Welcome to AyeSir.org.

We make you learn here.

Learning is a never ending process. As long as we exist and we aspire to do something in life , to be someone in life , it is essential that we need to keep on learning and developing our competencies in the areas of our interests. This tendency of being a student all our life will certainly help us to remain prepared always for grabbing new opportunities in life as our career progresses. We all know it our abilities are of no use without opportunities , without platform to showcase what we are capable of. Like that when opportunity comes to us if we are not prepared to grab it , if we are not competent enough to convert that opportunity in to success, again its of no use.

As long as we are students and attending school, college or university, we know that we have teachers, lecturers, professor who will be around us to mentor us on their subject of study. But some where down the line there comes a point in each student life when self study brings more convincing results than attending classes elsewhere.

Self-study is not just useful in student life but once you get in to a post academic job life, the notion of self study will make you reap even larger benefits both in personal and professional lives

We at AyeSir.org have understood such challenges that each student face and to equip you all students with complimentary knowledge, we have come up online  with tutorials for subjects ranging from technology, science and various other areas of study.